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Tall Apartment building in a short story

Short Story: A girl who was Strong

This short story is based on real events and the echoes in my mind after hearing this story, transformed themselves into words which make this story.

She returned home from the hospital amidst the stillness of the afternoon. This weekly visit was an irritating necessity.

Her home was an eleventh-floor apartment in a posh society, easily worth a couple of crores. It never mattered much to her. Money, she thought was a useless pursuit, like relationships, love, and life. She liked these lines from a blog she had read recently

Hindi Shayari in short story

She had a comforting relationship with her parents and was living with them since her divorce a decade ago. She was strong, something she had learnt to be. Though sometimes she wondered if strength was a good thing.

She had found solace in her fitness regime. Last week, she invited an evening walk acquaintance, “Join me at the gym, noon every day. I’ve shed 10 kgs already.”

She rested for a while after coming back home from the hospital, and then engaged in a conversation with her parents. It was brief and she responded to their queries with a detachment in her tone. “What did the doctor say?” her parents asked. “Usual, he asked me how I was feeling”, she replied. Any changes in medication? They inquired. “No, the usual” she dismissed. She was used to the anxiety in her parents’ voice and always presented a calm face in front of them.  

Her parents were murmuring to each other and suddenly they heard a piercing scream followed by a deafening thud. The echoes of the scream and the words lingered in their mind, “I’ll be in the balcony”, she had told them.  

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