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Flowers, inlcuding a red rose

Hindi Shayari: आरज़ी ज़िन्दगी

This hindi shayari of 2 lines captures the essence of life: it is short and often surprises us, and the biggest surprise is it’s end, unanticipated. I heard the news of an unexpected death of a friend’s father and it made me wonder that we spend years trying to find the meaning till the biggest surprise of this ephimeral life comes our way!

Hindi Shayari which captures the essence of this ephimeral life, it is short like life itself.

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3 thoughts on “Hindi Shayari: आरज़ी ज़िन्दगी

  1. “Your words of lovemotivational shayari in english are like stars in the night sky, sparkling with emotions that touch the soul. This shayari beautifully captures the essence of affection and longing, painting a canvas of emotions that resonates deeply within.”

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