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Karan Shorey
Karan Shorey

I use the power of words to create compelling narratives for readers

I started my writing journey around 15 years ago and have been writing ever since. This has been an incredible journey with its fair shares of lows and long periods of no activity but every single word my pen has put to paper, some of which is published here and a body of work that is yet to be published, has given me an abundance of joy and a feeling of expression which nothing else has. 

I am an avid reader and I firmly believe in existence of one supreme power which has blessed me. Sun signs intrigue me. The name of my blog in part is a reflection of my keen interest in the planetary influences on the human behaviour. I am still trying to figure out that ‘one thing’ which will make everything else obscure for me. Till then, I am a ‘Versatilist’, busy exploring, wondering, reading, traveling, learning and blogging. 

Thanks for stumbling onto my world of expression. God Bless you! 

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