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dead body draped in a white cloth

Short Story: A man in his house

It was a mayhem when he entered his house. His daughter was wailing, and his wife was inconsolable, echoes of cries filled the room. His heart sank as he braced himself to hear a terrible news. He felt nauseous and his hazy eyes drifted to a lifeless body lying on the floor, draped in a white cloth.

short story dead body draped in white cloth

Devasted, he dreaded going near it and wanted to run away, wishing it never happened. His throat went dry, but he painfully mustered the courage to uncover its face. As he moved closer, a whirlwind of thoughts swirled in his mind, leaving him incoherent. With trembling hands, he slowly tucked away the cloth, revealing a face identical to his own. Shaken to the core, he became unconscious and collapsed.

No one came to pick him up.

Years have passed since that harrowing evening. Till date, he continues to live there as a silent observer, but no one has ever noticed him in the house.

Short story ghost in the house

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