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सुकून (At Peace): Poetry in Hindi

सुकून (At Peace) is a poetry in hindi is inspired from an unknown couple whom I saw in a café. Although, I went to café coffee day to get some productive writing time. I got distracted when I saw this beautiful middle aged couple, a boy dressed in formals and the girl dressed in everyday casual jeans and T-shirt. The girl walked into the café much earlier and waited for her beau. When he arrived, she sat him down and started to rub his forehead and eyebrows as if trying to push away all the strain and stress that he carried. This gesture intrigued me! Curious,I continued to notice how they were drowned in each other’s presence, without a care for the world. While the girl sipped black coffee, the guy lit a cigarette, may be to shoot up his worries in smoke. While they held hands, he kept talking. As if he was telling her all about his day and she listened with intent, as she spoke sparsely but lovingly. Although it felt like a distraction earlier, but I loved their harmony and it inspired me to pen down my thoughts on this beautiful rhythm between two souls.

Poetry in Hindi

Here it goes: सुकून (At Peace), a poetry in Hindi

दिन भर की थकावट चली जाती है
तूँ जब धीरे से मेरे बालों को सहलाती है

तूँ ब्लैक कॉफ़ी की घूँट लगाती है और
मेरी सिगरेट धुएँ के छल्ले उड़ाती है

अपने हाथ में मेरा हाथ पकड़ कर
ध्यान से मेरी बातें सुनती जाती है

दुनिया की परवाह नहीं होती तुझे
अपना वक़्त तूँ बस मेरे नाम कर जाती है

इन लम्हों में तेरी एक छोटी सी राय
मेरी बड़ी सी उलझनें सुलझा जाती है

पूछे गर कोई मुझसे सुकून का मतलब
मुझे तेरी ही बेइंतेहा याद आती है

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