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Baby Girl Poetry

Baby Girl

This poetry, Baby Girl, is from the closet. I wrote this one at least 12 years ago and this piece carries some memories. Hope you enjoy reading this piece ‘Baby Girl’.

Baby Girl Poetry

Some years ago, a house was blessed with a baby girl,

She had a smile so sweet, just like a Barbie doll,

She was naughty to the core, and was full of anger,

Like all of us are, childhood stories aren’t a stranger,

Time went by and made her older,

Vagaries of life , burdened her shoulders,

Saddened and hurt, with no one to hold her,

She kept fighting,  becoming stronger and bolder,

Now the thick and thin, fail to bother,

As she spreads her charm from one to another,

The innocent eyes, and looks to die for, 

This nubile makes you praise the lord, 

Here she is, in the year twenty four,

Independent, ambitious and full of vigor,

Obstacles in her path are no match,

For resilience and dedication are her natch,

Don’t try to be smart, she knows the tricks,

You can’t help but admire her, for who she is,

She’ll care for you, like no one can,

Her love is like symphony of a musician,

Being with her is like another life,

A perfect partner in any strife,

She is a princess, but her prince is who,

Who holds her hand and takes her through,

Thousands crave but fail to woo,

I just couldn’t be happier, I am lucky to have you

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