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Hindi Poetry for Indians abroad

परदेस: Hindi Poetry for Indians abroad

परदेस, is a hindi poetry for Indians who are settled outside India. So many people leave their home country in search for greener pastures. Most of them work hard, become successful and lead good lives. At the same time most of them reminisce their connection to their home country. They dearly miss their family and friends. And often wish they could visit their home country more often, or even move back permanently! My brother and many of my close friends stay abroad. I know they go through this gnawing feeling of loneliness, a craving to speak to someone in their native language or from their culture.

However, they courageously (or helplessly) continue to stay abroad. They overcome these overwhelming emotions to make things work, not for themselves, but for the better future of their children and family. I hope our country gets to stage where greener pastures are aplenty on this side of the border. I hope families can stay together, much like they used to, a few decades ago!

Hindi Poetry for Indians abroad

Here it goes: परदेस (foreign), hindi poetry for Indians abroad

आज फिर इक बार
घर लौटने की
हसरत करी दिल ने
आज फिर
उस हसरत को हमने
मजबूरी की चादर से ढक्क दिया

परदेस में है हमारा
इक सुन्दर आशियाना
वतन को याद किया दिल ने
आज फिर
उस याद को हमने
खुले मैदान में दफ़्न कर दिया

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