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मझदार (Trapped in the middle): Poetry in Hindi

मझदार (Trapped in the middle) is a poetry in hindi is inspired from a recent goodbye I bid to my family. My parents stay with us for only a few months in year and my brother is settled outside the country. I yearn for a time when our entire family could stay together all the time. My parents, my brother, bhabhi and our adorable baby princess Freya.

These short stays together and goodbyes have become a way of life for us ever since my brother and I started working as we didn’t take up jobs in our city beautiful, ‘Chandigarh’ and went with the flow of wherever the opportunities took us. So many of my friends around me are in a similar situation and they are building their lives away fro their families. With time, this becomes a habit and at times it gets harder to then adjust to people around you, even your loved ones.

The poetry expresses that dichotomy of feeling trapped in the middle of ambition and emotion. Hope it resonates with you!

Poetry in Hindi

Here it goes: मझदार (Trapped in the middle), a poetry in hindi

मिलने बिछड़ने का सिलसिला
यूँ तो हो चूका है कई बार

फिर भी आँखें भर आती हैं हर दफा
जाने क्यों आदत नहीं पड़ती यार

कई सालों से दूर हूँ अपने शहर से
याद आते हैं दोस्त और मेरा परिवार

क्यों मुड़ते नहीं कदम पूछता हूँ खुद से
महत्वाकांक्षा के जाल में हूँ गिरफ्तार

ज़िन्दगी जीने के हैं तरीके कई
अटका हूँ मझदार, जाने कब जाऊंगा पार

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