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Love Post

Love Post: Incomplete without You!

“Incomplete without You” is a heartfelt love post for the love of my life. It’s dedicated to the woman who makes my life wonderful and complete. Cheers to her and us together!

Love Post

Here it goes: Incomplete without You, a love post dedicated to Guddu

Whenever I stay away from you, more deeply I begin to realize how incomplete I feel without you. Having you by my side is the only real experience I long for. I do indulge in excesses, worldly pleasures and pursuits. These experiences thrill and excite me and make me forget the otherwise busyness of life. However, none of these experiences have ever or ever will touch my soul, which my love, you own completely. If I die tomorrow, I know I am at peace for I have been fortunate to have spent a part of my life with you and that shines as the best part of my life. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. You own everything around you, like a queen. The people you meet are in awe of you and anything that gets your attention transforms itself from merely existing to a magical force of life. Be it the food, colors on canvas or me. I miss you will always be an understatement, I merely survive when you are not around, waiting for the time when I can be back with you, waiting for the time when I can feel complete again!

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