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Smile picture Ghazal on life moments

Ghazal on Life Moments: खबर ख़ुशी की थी

खबर ख़ुशी की थी, this ghazal on life moments is something very close to my heart. Have you ever experienced a moment of happiness? Something you waited for a long time, with a good deal of anxiety?

I have had several such moments in life. It started with awaiting the exam results, in particular the 10th class board exams! Then it moved to the results on engineering and MBA exams and then transformed into waiting anxiously for the outcomes of job interviews and most importantly, the time when I waited to hear a yes from my partner, my parents and her parents!

Such moments continue to be a part of our lives and this ghazal on life moments captures our feelings in those instances. When we get a happy news after waiting patiently albeit anxiously, it’s a sudden burst of emotions that overwhelms us. Additionally, it also brings to the fore, the hidden fear that immediately engulfs us after we know the outcome, what will happen next? Are we good enough or will everything else be ok? Hope these lines help you re-live some of those cherished moments in your life.

Smile picture Ghazal on life moments

Here it goes: खबर ख़ुशी की थी, a ghazal on life moments written in hindi

माना इंतज़ार किया बहुत बेसब्री से हमने
शुक्र है जब आयी तो खबर ख़ुशी की थी

‘बधाई हो’ की आवाज़ जब पड़ी कानों में
आँखों में आंसुओं ने कुछ थिरकत की थी

वक़्त लगा विश्वास करने में मगर शायद
शुक्रिया कह कर हमने, ख़ुशी ज़ाहिर तो की थी

क्या होगा आगे ये डर सताने लगा है अभी से
खुद को शाबाशी देने की हमने बस ज़ुर्रत ही की थी

जो ले आया है यहाँ तक वो ही ले जायेगा आगे भी
अपने रब्ब की हमने शिद्दत से इबादत तो की थी

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