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Beautiful Girl

I Met A Beautiful Girl Once

It’s #WordPlay, It’s Love!

I met a beautiful girl once, 
She looked like an angel from a distance,
I went closer to her filled with awe,
My heart skipped a beat with what I saw,

There was a girl so divine,
I could give my life to make her mine,
Eyes of a baby and a smile so sweet,
I was struggling to be on my feet,

I went ahead and held her hand,
She looked at me as if she understands,
I thought I would tell her what I feel,
I’ve a lonely heart but please don’t steal,

She smiled at me and pulled me closer,
I let her lead as I looked at her,
Her skin was like a flowing stream,
Like a princess or some queen,

Suddenly a jolt shook me up,
I quickly realized I just woke up,

It was a dream I was going through,
For all I wished it wasn’t true,
I just wonder what could have been,
Was there a meaning to what I had seen,

Years have flown out of sight,
But I still remember that lovely night,
Nothing ever has felt so right,
When I looked at her and held her tight,

You may be far away in some other world,
Or sitting next to me in my abode,
You came to tell me you are there,
Standing by me everywhere,

To pick me up when I fall,
To help me bear it all,
hold my hand and walk with me,
Like the sand moves with the sea,

A lonely heart can see a hope,
Someone’s holding the other end of the rope,
I would never forget your pleasing sight,
I wish I could re-live that lovely night…

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