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It’s #WordPlay, It’s a Dedication!

It’s strange the way this story started,
I saw her first in a mix of crowd,
A glowing face and curious eyes,
Standing out with a gift of poise,


Flowing curls and uncanny laughter,
Spreading smiles and zeal everywhere,
You wish to have her by your side,
She’ll make you feel the moonlight tide,


She feels like a gust of soothing air,
But you got to know what lies within,
Highs and lows, she has had her share,
Broken heart and throes of pain,


A jealous monster on her skin,
She braves him out every day,
Coz it’s hard to keep her in the grey,
Chirping, giggling, she is on her way,
Naughty, crazy, she makes you sway,


I wonder where we are headed,
Typically different as I now get it,
She makes me feel cared, loved and irritated,
Talks, meets and long rides unabated,
We are friends, that’s clearly stated!

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