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Kavita Bheed Mein Akela

Hindi Wordplay भीड़ में अकेला

This Hindi Wordplay भीड़ में अकेला is about that feeling of sudden loneliness, that dawns upon us even though we are surrounded by a crowd. At an event I attended recently, my brain stole a few moments and I was lost in the avalanche of my thoughts and felt alone, and yet completely at peace. Anything that was happening around me stopped to matter. While everything slowed down a bit, I was able to see myself standing there in the crowd.

Honestly, I crave for some of these moments where I am fully one with who I am and not really worried about the past, future or the present. This feeling of disconnectedness is once in a while and really powerful. In these rare moments, I feel the power to choose between what really matters and what is just noise.

Have you experienced such moments? Felt lonely in a crowd, and yet deeply connected with yourself.

Hope some lines in this Hindi Wordplay find resonance with you.

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