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5 Things To Do in Bangkok

Top things to do in Bangkok is the first in the series of posts I will write about my travel to this beautiful country. I took a solo trip to Thailand in the month of July and spent a week exploring various destinations in the south of the country. I visited Bangkok, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket and Pattaya and had many great experiences. There are so many things to do in Bangkok however I have curated a list of, rather non sexy but excellent things to do which will add to your experience of visiting this city. I would strongly recommend the below 5 experiences as things to do in Bangkok.

1) Travel in BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) and Buses

It’s both amazing and rare to experience a public transport system in its full glory. Public transport in Bangkok, including BTS is a worthwhile experience. When I landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, I used BTS to reach my destination. It’s easy to access, extremely affordable, quick and super convenient. 3 lines and around 60 stations, it connects to most parts of the city.

AC Buses in Bangkok city and for inter-city travel are excellent. I chose AC bus instead of a van ride and it was a good decision. The buses have a toilet at the back which makes it convenient, especially for folks travelling with children.

2) Visit Benchakitti Park

For a city popular for bustling crowd, neon lit bars, party scenes with loud music, there is a place where everything slows down for good. At Benchakitti Park, you can sit by the large lake, and soak in the stunning views of wide blue sky and tall glass buildings. Amidst the soothing greenery, you can take a walk with family or jog around. If you are lucky, you will spot a monitor lizard or two. I could capture one of those walking around the park. It’s place where you can spend a few quiet and peaceful hours.

3) Eat at Cabbages and Condoms and Cheng Sim Ee

Within 10 mins of walking distance from Benchakitti park, there is a unique theme based restaurant named Cabbages and Condoms. Based on the idea of promoting safe sex, this restaurant is aesthetically beautiful and you will find whacky and creative uses of condoms in a variety of ways. Lamps, figurines, wall décor and even flowers on the table were made using condoms. Now that’s unusual, isn’t it? Along with the bill, they offer free condoms instead of a mint!

Beyond the theme and décor, there a variety of options on the menu and food tastes good which is a cherry on the top of this experience.

Read google review for Cabbages and Condoms here

Cheng Sim Ee

This is an amazing dessert place where you can customize your bowl of dessert by choosing from an elaborate menu of 50 options. ‘Cheng Sim’ means comfortable or at ease. I definitely felt at easy while I relished my dish and was left craving for more. For 50 BHT, it’s definitely value for money and an experience which stayed with me. This place started as a cart and has now grown into a popular spot for sweet lovers. Here’s a link to their website:

You can read the google review of this place here

4) Visit Wat or Temples in Bangkok

The Wats or temples in Bangkok are extremely beautiful, quiet and serene places. The cleanliness, symmetry in structure, bright colors and the overall grace is exquisite. There are several options to choose from. I visited Loha Prasat (Wat Ratchanatdaram Worawihan) and meditated in the hall where a large buddha statue rests. It was an experience to cherish! Temple of Emerald Buddha is another great option which is located inside Grand Palace and comes with an entry ticket of 500 BHT.

5) Grab Bike Ride

Even though Tuk-Tuks in India are aplenty, I had heard a lot about the tuk-tuk rides in Bangkok and was curious to try that. However, after I tried a grab bike ride once, I wasn’t going back to tuk-tuk. Fancy and cool looking 150cc Yamaha and Honda’s almost fly on the smooth roads of Bangkok. Bikers were running at around 80kmph which is 3-4x of average speed in Bangalore. The cool breeze in the evening made this experience absolutely enjoyable. Of course, it is also the most cost effective option to go around the city in a quick and efficient manner.

So these are the top things to do in Bangkok for me and I would strongly recommend that you do all of these while you are in this beautiful city! Happy travelling!

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