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Dark Green leaf of jealousy

Hindi Kavita: तुम्हारी ख़ुशी में हम ख़ुश नहीं

This hindi Kavita is a take on that situation which we wish not to experience but we often come across. There are people around us, some of them celerbrate our achievements and a few others, not so much! Instead they go quiet! That’s why, in Indian culture, it’s a saying that it’s not advisable to share your happiness with others before things completely get accomplished or finalized.

Hindi Kavita तुम्हारी ख़ुशी में हम ख़ुश नहीं

English Rendition:

I shared my happiness with them

I was surprised that instead of the wishes I expected

I got a deafening silence of jealousy

I have now learnt after this better experience

but I wish I had known it before

that the world around you feel jealous when you succeed

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