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Have You Lived Enough Yet?

It’s #WordPlay, the slower you read, more sense it will make!

Life is not a bed of roses,
It doesn’t always give you joy,
It gives you moments, the moments,
Which make you jump up in the air,
And then, those which pull you down,

Life, is not always exciting,
It’s boring, dragging and squeezing,
And when it turns around,
It’s fun, adventure and pleasing,

Life throws challenges at you,
It forces you to take a stand,
It makes you feel helpless at times,
But it also lets you taste the success,

Life, gives you moments, the moments,
To live and experience,
Every single thing that you always wanted,
To face your fears and conquer them,

I don’t claim to know life,
It just passes me by every now and then,
It’s not something to be captured in words,
Neither to be understood, nor analysed,

Life is a choice, you live it everyday,
The way you choose it to be,
Make a choice to be free,
Every single day you breathe,
Because, surely, You haven’t lived it enough yet,
Have You?

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