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Book Review: The Richest Man in Babylon, George S Clason

Author: George S Clason
Published: 1988
Publisher: Signet, Penguin Group
Pages: 194
My Rating & Recommendation: 4/5, I strongly Recommend this book

This books talks about money, savings, financial prudence and the road to riches. Bored already? Hold on!

Although the topics discussed in the book are based on managing finances, it is far from being boring and complicated. In fact, this is a story book. The stories that are based out of the ancient city of Babylon. A city that flourished some 8000 years ago, and was admired for the wealth and prosperity of its people.

The books cites some very logical methods and common sense ways of handling one’s income and expenses. For instance, a story suggests that every person should consistently save 1/10th of what he or she earns. Another story cautions against investing in avenues/prospects about which one is not well aware, despite the lure of good returns. Similarly, there are a host of other good principles embedded neatly into wonderful stories. I found these seemingly simple pieces of advice very powerful. I could also relate to a few instances where I made some stupid mistakes in handling my hard earned money.

This book will not sweep you off your feet, and I am sure a mere reading will not make you  wealthy either (I secretly wished that though). For me, the beauty of this book lies in its simplicity, the strength of the content and most importantly its relevance in the today’s world, some 8000 years later! Happy Reading.

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