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Wordplay: Can’t I Have it All?

The busy’ness of life leaves us scrambing for time. Sometimes we ponder if this is how life is meant to be! We made life choices which have landed us where we are today. Although, some of those choices weren’t really choices, but the only options we had. This wordplay is a reflection of those feelings of churn that we experience, quite often, in the search for meaning, or in the quest of sanity! Life would have been much easier if only we could have our loved ones around us all the time, while we pursue our life’s goals. But, Can I Have it All?

I struggle to put words in a rhyme,

teach me how, I’ll give you a dime

Childhood indeed was a period sublime,

innocence could make up for any crime

Now work takes up all my time,

hours slips through like a slime

I am succeeding, ain’t that life’s objective prime,

my family isn’t with me, I meet them on facetime

Can’t I have it all, in one lifetime,

‘No Sir, You Can’t’, in a chorus they chime

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