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It’s WordPlay, It’s a state of confusion!

As the story of my 'life' unfolds,
I sail through the highs and the lows,
Love and care look like minnows,
Among the giants of pain and throes,
Things which seemed the best so far,
Are losing bitterly in the reality war,
Expectations are taking a merciless beating,
Sorrows welcome me with greetings,
People are changing, may be they ought to,
Reasons and logic are failing too,
Only if my feelings could be like streams,
They could quietly flow on to newer dreams,
High and dry, battered and bruised,
My heart and mind are too confused,
The right and the wrong don't matter,
I've a thousand questions, but no one to answer,
To choose a path takes courage and churning,
Should I lose it all or make a new beginning,
What is it worth, what is the hidden meaning,
I am on the journey of soul searching!

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