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You Haven’t What

“You haven’t watched Friends?” cried out my friend with disappointment and shock. But that was not how the conversation started. It was a usual coffee table discussion over unimportant matters that reminded him of a situation similar to some episode in the TV series FRIENDS. That’s when he figured out what I didn’t intend to share otherwise. I haven’t watched even a single episode of FRIENDS, well that’s that. This was not the first time I got such a reaction; it will not be the last either. However, it made me think about my other acts of commission and omission; which are rather uncharacteristic of a young adult in this era of digital media and internet. This post is a confession, more of an acceptance of my being. It could easily be repentance too, if not for the continued inertia. I have no incentive to lie, you have to trust me on this. The revelations that follow might shock you, if you one of ‘Those’. But if you are able to relate to me, even remotely, please give me a shout out! Here is a list of my omissions:

FRIENDS; Not even a single episode. I do know the names of the characters. Joe, Phoebe, Jennifer Aniston, and, yes, you can take it from there.

PRISON BREAK; my brother kept telling me that if I start watching this, I wouldn’t be able to stop without finishing it. That did it for me! I never got started on it.

GAME OF THRONES; I have never watched it. I still know John Snow. He was dead, he is alive now; might be dead again. He could get a clone perhaps.

SHAKTIMAN (Indian Superhero who could swirl and fly); I haven’t watched Shaktiman. I remember choosing not to watch it. I was a CAPTAIN VYOM fan, TIPU SULTAN and CHANDRAKANTA too.

HARRY POTTER; I swear to God I haven’t so far as even touched any of the Harry Potter books; I watched the first movie, the ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’ as a part of a school trip when I was in grade 8th or 9th, and that was 15 years ago.

POKEMONGO; who is Pokémon? Where is it going, and why is it going anywhere at all? I used to watch Popeye the Sailor Man, if that counts.

CANDY CRUSH; I played this game for 2 hours because my mom wasn’t able to complete that level. I don’t remember if I did complete it or not. But my mom has completed well beyond 500 levels now.

Farmville; no

HayDay; no

PRISMA; I am not sure how twisted it could make me look, why take a chance?

This list is based on quantum of surprising reactions that I get when I admit my non- performance of almost ‘Must Absorb’ digital multimedia content. It could easily contain many other things; I’ll keep adding, as soon as I discover those things. Or you could ask me.

I haven’t been on the other side to nurture some vague sense of distinction. I just didn’t feel the need, or maybe indolence gets the better of me. I also understand the basis of the others’ reactions. When we feel too attached, happy, excited or intrigued after an experience, we wish that others too should experience the thrill albeit it’s not too difficult to achieve. It’s like, for the greater good of the world or something similar. It could be purely contextual as well, to each his own. Like for me, if you are an Indian and you haven’t watched the movie ‘Sholay’, I would say, “You haven’t What?!’

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