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That perfect spot on the beach, a beach peotry

‘That perfect spot on the beach’: A poetry

I penned ‘That perfect spot on the beach’ last week while enjoying my vacation. It was a solo trip, a first since 2014 when I last travelled across countries in Europe.

I started writing way back in 2006 but my commitment and focus towards writing all these years was at best inconsistent. This year, I have fully embraced my identity as a writer – I am someone who loves to write and express my feelings through words. Consequently, I have been writing and publishing consistently for the last 7 months and a paper and pen accompany me most of the times. This allowed me to capture my thoughts while I sat in a secluded spot on the beach.

I travel a thousand miles to find,

that perfect spot on the beach

to meet a part of myself,

that otherwise feels difficult to reach

I look at the waves with wonder,

perhaps they have a lesson to teach

keep flowing where the wind takes you,

don’t care about what they preach

What do I yearn for though,

Is a wall I struggle to breach

I keep looking within and outside for,

that perfect spot on the beach

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