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Tiny Tale: Passport, Frying Pan and Underwear

A couple of years ago, I was active on a microblogging platform called Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) which encouraged writing short stories and rolled out daily prompts. The piece below is from one of the prompt which asked to use passport, frying pan and underwear as the elements in the writing. I went with the flow and it turned out to be an intriguing tiny tale which makes me churn every time I read it.

Tiny Tale

She lost her passport in a foreign land,

a land that wasn’t so unfamiliar anymore,

may be she wanted to lose it anyway,

and her identity too, if there were one,

It had been two years since she ran away,

from home or ‘that place’ as she called it,

open roof with walls of bed sheets,

a broken stove and an empty frying pan,

and some memories, though mostly hazy,

Here, she took off her underwear, too often,

but she wasn’t shy or hesitant anymore,

now she owned ‘that place’ where she lived,

it’s address inked on her new passport,

and the frying pan, it wasn’t empty anymore!

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