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I keep untying the knots of restrain,
It's a sweet symphony of pleasure and pain,
Jostling the edges of a virtuous existence,
It’s sinful and consuming , it's Indulgence,
The moments of exhilaration, so ephemeral,
but the adrenaline rush, it's so damn real,
I mean to pull back, may be rush a little slower,
But it keeps drowning me, deeper and deeper,
It engulfs me to the core, almost takes over, 
Makes me do all the things, probably I would never,
How long could it last anyway, it has to end,
I am in control here, I almost pretend,
How do I escape this and alleviate the loss,
Is it even worth all the convoluted chaos,
NO is the answer, don't even take a chance,
I convince myself to take a strong stance,
I shove it away, forever, in an imperfect ending,
Finally, isn't this a better sense prevailing,
but it hits back, again, with a vehement vengeance,
It’s sinful and consuming, it's Indulgence…

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