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Hindi Poem इंतज़ार

इंतज़ार: Hindi Poem, longing for beloved

This hindi poem ‘इंतज़ार’ portrays a lover’s longing for their beloved and the hope of becoming one with them. Love manifests itself in many forms, some consider endless waiting for their beloved as true love while for others, it is about spending every living moment of their life with their beloved. Dying together is considered and celebrated as a symbol of pure love in many folklore stories.

The one sided love which is the inspiration for this hindi poem is a symbol of selfless love sans expectations. It also reminds me of a dialogue from one of my favorite romantic hindi movies Namaste London which is originally in punjabi but says something to the effect that, ‘I have recognized what true love is, when you stop the desire to become one with your lover’ (Ishq di mere mitra pachaan ki, mit jaye jadon zidd apnan di).

This emotion is captured in the lines of this hindi poem ‘इंतज़ार’:

English Rendition:

At least once, express your love for me and give me the gift of your time, however little.

I have waited years for your answer, yes or no doesn’t matter to me, give me the gift of acknowledgement

don’t ask me what I think about you, that’s my secret treasure

the world mocks me when they see you with someone else,

to wait for you is now my obsession, for this life I have, and for many others!

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