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बेचैन (Restless): Hindi Kavita

Restless, it’s state of being when we experience uncertainty and anxiety. At times, restless means that we just look around for anything that can keep us occupied so that our we can avoid the thousand thoughts that cloud our mind. Often, many of us feel restless at work. The pressure and stress of our everyday jobs and other responsibilities has pushed so many of us into this continued state of restlessness. We sometimes feel that we walk on egg shells and keep looking for assurance and external validation. Small things, words and actions can sometimes land in our mind as big events which again, make us restless. One of those small things is the feeling of self-doubt and imposter syndrome which many of us have experienced.


Restless, is a hindi Kavita which lends words to that feeling of self doubt which makes us restless! My message to you is, it’s ok to feel restless and this feeling is more common than we think. This feeling dawns upon the best of us at times. It’s important to acknowledge its existence and develop ourselves to take in our stride, and move on!

Here it goes, Restless!

कई दफा, मैं यूँ ही बेचैन हो जाता हूँ
अधूरे काम की लिस्ट देख बड़ा घबराता हूँ

अपने हुनर पर शक्क़ करता हूँ अक्सर
कभी दूसरों के डर से चुप रह जाता हूँ

गलत बोल दूँ गर नादानी में कभी
क्यों बोले, सोच कर खुद को कोस खाता हूँ

मेरी तारीफ बहुत करते हैं लोग आस पास
बहुत जल्दी उस तारीफ को मैं भूल जाता हूँ

जो मिला मुझे, कैसे बनूँ लायक उसके
इस सोच के समुन्दर में डूबे चला जाता हूँ

ध्यान लगाता हूँ, लेता हूँ सहारा कलम का भी
बेचैन हो जाता हूँ, फिर भी बढ़ते चला जाता हूँ

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