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Celebrating a ‘Century’: Thank you for the Love and Support!

I wrote my first blog in the year 2008. That was when for the very first time, I got to know about Blogosphere (read Google Blogspot). I and three other friends from class got together and started a blog for our engineering batch. On debut, the blog received an overwhelming response from everyone as we all were very excited about this new digital adventure. Alas, like all good things, once the initial euphoria died down, the posts, hits and junta’s interest waned over time. Eventually, the blog died its own un-natural death. But that adventure helped me discover the joy of writing and my affinity towards that joy.

Bitten by the writing bug, I started my own blog on blogspot ( The posts on it were far and few in between. I also found the platform a little difficult to use. After years of reluctance, indolence and inertia, I finally decided to migrate to WordPress in 2015. Looking back, I can easily mark that as a Tipping point in my blogging journey. Almost immediately, I felt so much better about my writing and the ease of use of this platform. The cherry on the cake though, was the unexpected and generous positive response from lot of hitherto ‘unknown’ fellow WordPress’ers’ spread across the world. It was great to have people appreciate my thoughts and encourage me to write more.

It’s been close to 2 years now, and this month, I have officially reached a ‘Century’ of likes on my blog. Among the giants of WordPress, it’s a small step, but it’s a huge one for me personally. This year also marks a decade of my blogging career. So a double delight!


I know I will keep blogging for many years to come and my journey here will be a bright and fulfilling. At this moment, I want to thank all of you, the folks who are reading this right now or who have read any of my posts earlier, and, all my friends who have contributed to this milestone and my writing journey on this blog and outside it. It’s the encouragement, appreciation and feedback that I have received from all of you that gives me the confidence that I’ll keep improving and play a long innings in this blogging world   ( I am a Cricket Fan!).

Once again, thank you for being generous. I wish to get continued support, love, likes and follows (:D) from all of you. Next Milestone, 500 likes! Happy Writing!

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