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Book Review: Love Story, Erich Segal

Author: Erich Segal
Published: 1970
Publisher: Hodder And Stoughton
Pages: 216

This book hardly needs a recommendation. In fact, I think I have been very late to lay my hands on this one. An uncomplicated story of two lovers, Oliver Barrett IV, a law student in Harvard and Jenny Cavilleri, a student of music in Radcliffe. Oliver is a man of rich lineage with a very affluent and celebrated family. But, Oliver hates his father. Jenny is a witty, charming and carefree girl from a modest background. They meet, fall in love, and decide to get married. Oliver’s family disapproves, Oliver leaves home and the lovers start a life on their own. The plot progresses, Jenny has a terminal disease and Oliver can’t save her. Heart breaks all around. Very typical, ain’t it?

The beauty of the book does not lie in the strength of the plot, but purely in the author’s ability to captivate the reader with his gift of story telling. A lighthearted humorous beginning slowly develops into a passionate and heart warming love affair only to end in an abrupt and unfortunate manner. The lead characters have been crafted with finesse as each one of them has a strong independent personality. They come together for only a while to create a magnificent saga of love. These varied emotions consumed me and I felt as if I was a part of their happiness and pain.

Overall, a must read book. It will pinch your heart a little but not before it makes you feel the beauty of love. Happy Reading!

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